Making Treaty 4

Making Treaty 4 is comprised of a series of performances, stories, songs, and artworks about the histories and experiences of Treaty 4 and its relevance to communities today.

Making Treaty 4 is a dynamic process, involving activities that promote Treaty education and an appreciation for First Nations history and cultures.  When considering the significance of the Treaties, we often look to the past, but, more importantly, we need to envision the future.

Making Treaty 4 will be performed in 2017 -- the year of Canada 150.  Treaty 4 has a complex relationship to Canada 150.  The performance will confront the oppressive aspects of the past 150 years, but it will also search for a new ground of unity and cooperation moving forward and envisioning an empowering future for all communities in Treaty 4 and across Canada.

The Making Treaty 4 project is based at the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina.  MT4 draws on the knowledge of elders, leaders, artists, educators, students, and community members, to bring together research and experience to share knowledge from past to future generations.

In addition to the performance, MT4 will produce a series of discussion guides about Treaty 4, which can be used for education, cultural projects, and seminars to help raise awareness of the significance of Treaty 4.

Making Treaty 4 is inspired by the amazing and ground-breaking work of Making Treaty 7.

Making Treaty 4 resonates strongly with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The Making Treaty 4 project acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada.