Making Treaty 4

First Nations University of Canada

and University of Regina Theatre Department

Making Treaty 4 is a conceptual performance about the history of the Treaty and the complex contemporary experiences since its signing.

The Making Treaty 4 project is based at the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina Theatre Department.  The performance draws on the insights of elders, students, community leaders, artists, and educators, to bring together and share knowledge from past to future generations.

The Making Treaty 4 project gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Canadian Heritage Canada 150 Fund.  We believe that a full understanding of the significance of Canada 150 includes an unflinching examination of the country’s oppressive treatment of First Nations communities throughout its history.  At the same time, the performance opens new perspectives to envision an empowering future for all communities in Treaty 4 and across Canada.



The Making Treaty 4 project is inspired by the groundbreaking work of Making Treaty 7.

The Making Treaty 4 project originally began in February 2015 as a mentorship and collaboration with Making Treaty 7, but ended on its first day of production with the tragic car accident that took the lives of Michelle Sereda, Lacy Morin-Desjarlais, Michael Green, and Narcisse Blood.

The project was indefinitely suspended, until the following year when Cowboy Smithx, Barry Bilinsky, and Rio Mitchall, then members of Making Treaty 7, reached out to the MT4 team to reconnect and revive the project.  The MT4 cast and crew thank Cowboy, Barry, and Rio for their timely inspiration!

With deep respect and memory, the Making Treaty 4 production is made in honour of Michelle, Lacy, Michael, and Narcisse.  (Memorial Page)


Winter 2017 Workshop

In January 2017, the MT4 project gathered together Treaty 4 community members and students at the First Nations University of Canada and University of Regina to begin creating and experimenting with a range of themes, topics, scenes, and concepts.  This process was incredibly productive, culminating in a solid workshop production in April 2017.  The MT4 team would like to thank all of cast and crew for their amazing work!  (See the MT4 Workshop page for more information, pictures and video.)


Summer 2017 Show

With a cast and crew of over 25 First Nations students, professional dancers, and elders, the August 24th show was a resounding success!  There has been an overwhelming outpouring of positive responses from the community.  (See the MT4 August Show page for more information, photos, and video.)