Memorial Dedication


In February 2015, we lost two dear friends and colleagues of our Performing Turtle Island community - Michele Sereda and Lacy Morin-Desjarlais, along with Michael Green and Narcisse Blood.

The Turtle Island Song was written and performed to honour their lives.

Turtle Island Song


Turtle Island, land and water

We dance our journey home

Beneath the starry map


For those before, here, to come

The living earth our drum

We play on Turtle Island


mihkinâhk-ministikwan nikamowin


mihkinâhk-ministikwan, askiy êkwa nîpiy


sîpâ acahkosihk


kayâs aniki, anohc êkwa, ôtê nîkânihk

mistikwâskihk awa pimacihowin ê-miyikoyâhk

kimêtawânaw tahkôc mihkinâhk-ministikwanihk




In Memoriam

Michele Sereda




In Memoriam

Lacy Morin-Desjarlais



In Memoriam - Michael Green and Narcisse Blood