Video Gallery

Words of Welcome by Lynn Wells, VP Academic, First Nations University of Canada

Grand Entry - 2nd Annual Tony Cote Welcome Back Pow Wow - First Nations University - (Video Annie Smith)

Turtle Island Song

TransActions Memorial Dedication  -  by the Collective Performance Storytelling Ensemble

Margo Kane - Keynote Address on the History of Indigenous Theatre and Performance in Canada

Michael Greyeyes - Keynote Address: Performing Indigeneity: Training Paradigms from Saints and Strangers

Short Clips from Strands of Knowledge by Julianne Beaudin-Herney  (Video by Annie Smith)

Salt of the Earth by Kevin McKenzie

Short Clip from A Woman And This Bannock That She Made For You by Amy Malbeauf (Video Annie Smith)

Short Clip of In Spirit  -  by Tara Beagan

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